Forms of domestic violence

Psychological : psychological violence is the most widespread and difficult to recognize. It comes in the form of denigration, silences, contempt, manipulation, belittling to unsecure you, make you doubt yourself and jeopardize your psychological balance.

Verbal : this form of violence mainly results in threats, insults, shouting or blackmail. It paralyzes you, breeds fear and anxiety.

Sexual : sexual violence is common, but often downplayed by women. We are talking about sexual violence when it comes to forced or unwanted sex, sexual practices that you consider degrading, humiliating or through which you do not feel respected.

Economic : this form of violence aims to make you economically dependent on your spouse. Whether by unequal sharing of financial obligations or control of your money. Economic violence often leads to impoverishment of the woman and increases her partner's control over her.

Physics : physical violence is certainly the easiest to recognize and the one we talk about the most. Thrown objects, blows, jostling and other attacks often have serious, and sometimes, irreversible physical consequences.

Relational : when we talk about relational violence, we refer to the fact that the aggressor, by various means, isolate the victim from its relatives, family and friends so that she is more vulnerable to only have a greater control over her.

In this wheel of power and control, you have more specific examples of violent behaviors: