Philosophy of intervention

The women who come to Prélude are numerous. Despite the reasons that bring them to us, it is very rare, in reality, that it is a deliberate choice for women to go in a shelter. Sometimes, following an episode of domestic violence, a woman calls the police and finds herself in whirlwind. She must leave her home with her children. Therefore, she comes to us completely defeated without knowing what will happen to her and her children. When she decides to leave her husband, she finds herself alone, completely isolated, in the wild. This is where, usually, the shelter comes as a choice of last resort.

The reception is very important to make sure the women feel safe, because they do not really know where they are, nor whom to trust. From then on, we will make sure to meet their basic needs, and the ones for their children. We will offer them a place to talk about what they have just experienced; encourage them to settle down, to take time to continue their reflection, and all of this, in a climate of openness, listening and acceptance without any judgment. We will also look at their needs as a whole: health, emotional state, financial situation, security and the people and the means at their disposal.

As we work with the feminist approach, our goal is to give every woman the most power over their life, acting in accordance with the principle that women have the potential and skills to lead their lives and make the best decisions for themselves. Through their efforts, women regain power over their lives. We can notice a significant change in the women we help; they develop their self-esteem, feel stronger and more confident in a short amount of time.